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Magma Polymers Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1985 with the aim of producing top quality lacquered films and metalized papers. In a very short span of time the company has acquired expertise in the field of lamination, coating on polyester film, BOPP film, paper and transfer metalized paper for different packaging applications in India and overseas.

We are the first and only in India to manufacture specialized coated films “FreshGuard” to preserve the freshness and increase the shelf-life of fruits especially Grapes, vegetables, cut flowers, meat and seafood. http://www.magmafreshguard.com/

We are instrumental in the field of manufacturing Epoxy resins, Amino resins, DG lacquers and Non- DG lacquers, Heat- seal lacquers customized to the application needs.

The company has successfully integrated itself to produce almost all its raw material requirements in house. This integration has given the company an edge over its competitors worldwide.

The company has been continuously upgrading the technology in all its capacities, in tune with the global technological advancements. This has resulted in continuous improvement in product quality, delivery schedules and a wide customer base worldwide.



The company has established itself in the market in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

This follows from a clear understanding of customers needs, sourcing of appropriate quality of raw materials, standardization of manufacturing process and inspection at various stages of production to meet the product requirements.

The company is also upgrading the technology continuously, in tune with the global technological advancements. This results in continuous improvement in product quality.

The company has developed well equipped chemical and instrumentation laboratories for

stringent inspections and tests for good quality control. All the instruments are certified and standardized by relevant authorities.


Yearly output

The company has total capacity of the coating division: 1800 MT per annum for primer coatings. The capacity of transfer metallised paper output is 1200 MT per annum. The reactor division is capable of giving an output of 750 MT per annum for DG lacquers while the total output for Epoxy resins and other resins is 1000 MT per annum.

Reserved Capacity for Exports

The company treasures its international client base and has a reserved capacity of 1200 MT per annum for specialty coatings and laminations. We believe in customer satisfaction and hence have an ever increasing client base.


Coating Machine

The coating machine has a German make coating head which is used for specialty coatings. The machine has excellent temperature controls and gives a consistent output. The maximum width is 1020 mm. The machine is used for special primer coatings, DG coatings and Holograms. The total coating capacity of the machine is 900 MT per annum.

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Basic Information

Company Name :
Business Type:
Key Products We Sell:
Transfer Metallised Paper, Lacquered Metallised PET Film, Carton Papers, Film Paper laminate, Labels and Stickers, SO2 Pads, Coated PET BOPP PVC, Holographic Films, Aluminium Foil Laminate
Year Of Establishment:
Constitution Type:
Private Limited
No. Of Employees:
11 to 50
Our Specialities:
Transfer metallised Paper, Speciality coatings on PET,BOPP,PVC,Preservative sheets for Fresh produce,SO2 Pads/Sulphur pads, UV Flexo Printable coatings,Holographic primers.
Our Sales Presence:
Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan.
Contact Person
Mrudula Jadhav
( Director )